2016 Awards

Congratulations to all the OPRC and ORRC award winners in the 2016 season!

Awards will be presented at the 2016 AGM lunch on March 18th, 2017 in Peterborough at the Baker’s Hill Banquet Centre.

12:30 p.m. Social
1:00 p.m. Lunch and Awards

Award winners and organizers have already been invited by email. Tickets are free for any award winner or organizer and $20 for guests. Please RSVP with the RSO Secretary, Kelly Mathew, so we know how many plan on attending.

ORRC Award Winners

Expert Driver
1st Alain Cabardos
2nd Jane Leonard
3rd Kurt Seelenmeyer
Expert Navigator
1st Louis Cabardos
2nd Bruce Leonard
3rd Dennis Wharton
Intermediate Driver
1st Darin Mayes
2nd Gord Olmstead
Intermediate Navigator
1st (tie) Phil Hooper and Amy Mayes
Novice Driver
1st Christopher Johnson
2nd Andrew Marek
3rd Jason Crandall
Novice Navigator
1st Brandon Pace
2nd Teresa Marek
3rd Jessica Auchterlonie

ORRC Organizers

Frostbite – Dennis Wharton/Roger Sanderson
Polar Bear – Bruce Leonard/Jane Leonard
Spring Runoff – Alain Cabardos/Louis Cabardos
Blossom – Dennis Wharton/Roger Sanderson
Discover Ontario – Booke Jacobs
No Winter Maintenance – Ted Doig/Trevor Hancher
President’s Prize – Chris Johnson/Travis Grubb
Northern Lights – Steve vanRees

OPRC Award Winners

Overall Driver
1st Simon Vincent
2nd Bruno Laverdiere
3rd Jean-Sebastien Besner
Overall Co-driver
1st Guy Boudreau
2nd Jonathan Cox
3rd Kylee Davis
2WD Championship Driver
1st Philippe Benoit
2nd Zoltan Kovacs
3rd Nicolas Laverdiere
2WD Championship Co-driver
1st Guy Boudreau
2nd Kylee Davis
3rd Savanna Kovacs
Production 4WD Driver
1st Bruno Laverdiere
2nd Eric Vlasic
3rd Laurens Wit
Production 4WD Co-driver
1st Jonathan Cox
2nd Dean Hopkins
3rd Derek Vincent
Production 2WD Driver
1st Michael Ketchum
Production 2WD Co-driver
1st Savanna Kovacs
Novice Driver
1st Simon Vincent
1st Mitsubishi