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***Current Announcement – Sept 17, 2018***

The position of CARS Regional Rally Director – ON is up for election at the CARS AGM in January 2019.  The election process is a little more involved than other RSO Board of Director positions & this means we need to start the process a little earlier.

Nominations are open for the position.  These should be sent to the RSO secretary ( along with a brief outline of rally related experience & why you/they would be suitable for the role.  These are to be received no later than midnight October 31, 2018.

These nominations will then be sent to the RSO affiliated Clubs & club members will be able to vote which person they think would be best suited to the position.  Clubs will tally the votes & deliver a Club vote to the RSO Secretary no later than midnight on November 30 2018.

The overall voted nominee will then be put forward by RSO on behalf of the Clubs for the candidate they feel is the most suited.

More detailed information can be found through the document linked below.


Information on the role of the Regional Rally Director can be found on the CARS website

Any other questions can be directed to the RSO Secretary, Kelly Mathew.


Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved with rallysport – navigational rallies, performance rallies and rally cross. Or volunteer at any of the events; some performance events have over 200 volunteers helping! Being a volunteer at the performance events can get you up close to the action, and gives you insight into how the events run. Interested in exploring the province? Helping at a navigational rally will take you to some places you never imagined.

Or just jump in to Navigational (or TSD) rallies. They’re the cheapest and easiest way to get started. A regular road-worthy vehicle (car, pickup truck, minivan), a willing partner, some basic tools (calculator, digital timepiece, pencils) and you’re on your way. There’s always a basic introduction before every rally.

Performance rallies require more of an investment, but the rewards are great! Two people working together to go as fast as they can on a closed road.

Rallycross lets you get a taste of performance rallying at a fraction of the cost. Take your daily driver, plop on a helmet, and have a go at a short dirt and gravel course.

Check out the calendar for events, and the beginner resources. Join a club; contact one of the RSO-affiliated clubs and learn more about rally.

If you want to learn more and keep up-to-date with all things rally in Ontario and beyond, sign up for the Car Zero Report.